Process Evaluation & Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Process Evaluation and Regulatory Compliance Assessment includes a determination of all emissions generating equipment and processes, identification of emission points, and identification and quantification of pollutants. Once the process and emissions are characterized, a regulatory review is performed. The evaluation may include local, state, and Federal Air Quality regulations and may also include Air Permitting Requirements, Waste Regulatory Compliance, or Water Regulatory Compliance.

Process Evaluation & Regulatory Compliance Assessment Services

Cylinder Gas Audits

Cylinder Gas Audits are an EPA testing procedure to ensure the accuracy of CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) data. Known concentrations of specified gases are passed through the CEMS unit and measurements over a period of time are taken and averaged. The measurements from the unit must meet a specified percentage of error to be considered an accurate measuring device.

Cylinder Gas Audit Services
Record the CEMS measurements and ensure that the CEMS unit is operating within the specified error limitations. Prepare a report that includes the testing data.

Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Plans

Material Safety Data Sheet Preparation

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are used to identify the hazards and safety precautions necessary when handling raw materials and products. MSDS include information such as: Manufacturing facilities are responsible for maintaining MSDS's for raw materials and products.

Material Safety Data Sheet Preparation Services
Evaluate raw materials and products and prepare MSDSs to display all appropriate and required information.

Hazardous Waste Classification

Evaluation and classification of hazardous waste is required before it can be registered with the EPA. If the waste is classified as hazardous, the EPA requires the submittal of an EPA "Notification of Regulated Waste Activity" form for initial notification of a site that manages hazardous waste. This form is required for both small and large quantity generators and must be submitted before treating, storing, transporting or disposing of hazardous waste. After submittal, an "EPA identification number" and a "Notice of Registration (NOR)" will be issued for the site.

Most states require further classification of waste and registration with the state agency.

Hazardous Waste Classification Services
Determine if waste is hazardous per EPA guidelines and further classify waste per the appropriate state guidelines. Prepare Notifications to EPA and State agencies as required.


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